We are progressive   

TAQNIA International is a technology investment and development company, established in 2011, with global reach in North America, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. We invest in innovative and disruptive technologies around the world with the objective of creating a global impact



⦿  Our Vision

To play a leading role in technological development and innovative solutions. 

⦿  Our Mission

To achieve our vision, TAQNIA International is investing in global innovative technologies and collaborating in R&D initiatives whilst actively engaging in the growth and development of these investments and research into economically sustainable and competitive enterprises. 

⦿  Our Approach

TAQNIA International is working to bridge the technological gap through:


Venture Capital

Investing in startups, acquiring technology companies, and helping startups to scale and enter the MENA market. 


Technology Services

Providing the transfer of R&D material and equipment to R&D centers and universities in Saudi Arabia.


Training Consultancy

Helping U.S. corporations in Saudi Arabia meet the government Saudization requirements by screening Saudi talent and handling the logistics for U.S. companies to train hired Saudi nationals in the U.S. 


Board of Directors

Dr. Sultan Al Sudairy

Head of King Faisal Specialist Hospital Research Institute


Board of Directors

His Highness Prince

Dr. Turki bin Saud Al Saud

President of King AbdulAziz City for

Science and Technology


Dr. Mohammed Al Ohali

Deputy Minister of Education,

Saudi Arabia 





Aims to revolutionize traditional electronics by employing earth-abundant carbon nanomaterials to vastly improve the power consumption and performance of wireless products.  

Provides collaborative designed software for the building design and construction industry. Spun out of Google’s R&D group, Google X labs, in 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, Flux’s mission is to spread design knowledge and improve the accessibility of design tools in order to help meet the world’s demand for durable, sustainable buildings.   

Nano Holdings, a diversified investment firm that invests in and commercializes breakthrough material science energy-related discoveries in partnership with world-class universities and their leading scientists  

Founded in 2007 to manufacture multi-junction solar cells for the concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) market based on its proprietary semiconductor technology. Solar Junction is the only company in the world to develop multi-junction solar cells with GaInAsSb junctions. It has set two world records for triple-junction solar cell efficiency. 

An independent fabless semiconductor company providing a wide spectrum of product design and development solutions, custom ASIC development and standard products. SI-WARE Systems leverages its highly talented teams in MEMS design and development as well as Analog/Mixed-signal and Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits to provide highly innovative solutions and products in different areas ranging from PLL based timing circuits, sensor interfaces, frequency synthesis, data converters, RF front-ends, and MEMS-based sensor systems. 

A 250-person late-stage semiconductor startup with operations in the U.S., India, and Russia. The company is in the business of licensing and co-developing VISC-architecture-based Core and SOC products for IoT, mobile and cloud markets.  

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